Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Video: Everything is a Remix: Fair Use

In this episode of Everything Is a Remix, host Kirby Ferguson explains Fair Use and offers three provocative questions to ask yourself before using copyrighted material.
"I recommend using this three-step test. For each clip you want to use. Number one: Is the clip you are using illustrating a point? …Number two: Is this point clear to the average viewer? And lastly number three: Did you use only the amount that was reasonably appropriate to make your point? …if you can answer yes to all three you have a strong case for Fair Use."

Video: Mr. Robot: The Art of Framing

In another thought-provoking video essays, filmmaker Karsten Runquist considers the unusual framing employed by Sam Esmail in the first season of the television series Mr. Robot.  In particular, he notes that the director's unique perspectives leave audiences room to draw their own conclusions independent of the series' cinematography.

If you haven't seen this series yet, I can't recommend it highly enough.  Watching this video won't spoil this series, but it will give you a good taste of what makes Mr. Robot so special.
"Now the thing about Mr. Robot is, given the fact that the show is like I said, a show about society. Elliott’s emotions and desires while yes, pretty important, aren’t the main focus of the series and when emotions coming from a single character aren’t the main focus and one of conventional framings main purposes is to enhance the emotions of a character there’s no point in using conventional framing."

Quick Pic: Princess Leia Corn Maze

Goebel Farms is currently home to an incredible corn maze with the image of New Hope Princess Leia carved into it in what has to be the largest Carrie Fisher tribute ever.  If you want to walk the maze yourself, it’s open on weekends at 4745 W Boonville New Harmony Road in Evansville, Indiana. Visit the Goebel Farms website for more information
"Jeremy Goebel, of Goebel Farms in Indiana, designed the corn maze himself. He said to the Courier Press, “I’ve always been a Star Wars fan, and I just wanted to pay tribute to Carrie Fisher.” He actually was able to plant the maze in just 40 minutes, using Photoshop to design it and then inputting it into the tractor’s GPS. “It tells the planter to leave rows on and off as it drives down the field,” he said."

Crafts: Star Wars Scarf

I found this excellent scarf while browsing Imgur.  Unfortunately, I couldn't find a blog or Facebook page for the artist, which is a shame, because I'd love to see what else she's created.  Still credit where credit is due.  If you like this scarf, make sure to stop by Imgur and give this piece the upvote it so richly deserves.

Metalwork: Leviathan Hobo Nickel

"Leviathan" Hobo nickel hand engraved by J.H.Ranger on a 1936 Buffalo Nickel
Coin currently up for auction on Ebay.  Current bid: US$810

Posters: Jurassic Park

"Jurassic Park" by Ryan Brinkerhoff
Limited edition prints available for purchase from The Movie Gang. US$20

Posters: It

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