Monday, June 26, 2017

Mural: Shattering Light Bulb

Created for Powwowhawaii. Located in Hawaii.

This isn't Wooden Wave's only Star Wars mural by a long shot, but in my opinion, it's the best.  I'd love to see this design turned into a model.

Mural: Shattering Light Bulb

Shattering Light Bulb Mural by Onur
Created for the Mural Festival in Montreal, Canada

Onur is a Swiss-born artist best known for photorealistic murals and collages.  Many of his pieces incorporate ultra-violet paint that imbues his projects with a high-tech air.

In his latest series, the artist explores the impact of the present, stressful every-day life to the human psychology, in which he depicts objects like traffic lights, crossroads and garbage bags emerging from heads of an ordinary man.

In 2013, Onur created together with artist Wes21 a big mural at the 5 Pointz Building in New York City. In 2014 he participated in the Richmond Mural Project in Richmond,VA. He was part of one of the most famous campaigns for Volvo and he has also collaborated with German and rapper legend, Kool Savas.

Sweets: Adventure Time Cake Pops

"I created these fun Adventure Time cake pops for an international cake collaboration called Cakeflix. Check out some of the other amazing cakes on the facebook page:

I started these cake pops with a batch of vanilla cake. After breaking it up into a fine crumb, I added about half a cup of Earl Grey White chocolate ganache. I formed the dough into balls and various shapes for the various characters. Using some melted chocolate, I added a stick to each one and chilled for just a couple of minutes.

I dipped each cake pop in its respective colour and then added facial details and hair using modelling chocolate.

I created this tutorial for you guys while I was making these cake pops in hope it might help you create your next cake pop project."

Sweets: Deadpool Rides A Unicorn

This incredible cake, created for the international Cake Con Collaboration features an adorable Deadpool riding a unicorn like the end credits of the feature film.
"Not only was the Deadpool movie made in Vancouver, but Ryan Renolds is from Vancouver, so Deadpool was the perfect comic character. The first time I saw the movie, I instantly wanted to make a deadpoool and unicorn cake, and I finally got to make it! He is a little raunchy and very humorous, but I think he has a sweet side too! He is a little banged up and dirty, but mostly all healed up and enjoying a ride through the clouds with his trusty friend the unicorn."

Sweets: Deadpool Cake

If this isn't the best superhero cake I've ever seen, it's in the top five. Not that I'm jealous.

Metalwork: Trash into Transformers

This video centers around a talented father and son team who build Transformers statues from scrap metal.  The video comes from Great Big Story and it's part of their "Passing The Torch" series.
"In 2010, Chinese farmer Yu Zhilin and his son Yu Lingyun opened up their own metalworking shop in the country's Hunan Province. Inspired by the futuristic robots from the movie “Transformers,” the pair began fashioning original statues from scrap metal. Their first design took about a month and a half to build, but they’ve since created an impressive array of statues, giving new life to discarded car parts along the way. It’s not just the success of their new business that makes this father-son duo happy; the craft itself has brought them closer together."

Posters: Jurassic Park

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